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Doxim provides modern, flexible solutions for CCM

Doxim provides modern, flexible solutions for CCM

James Hall, Commercial Director at Doxim, advocates flexible, accessible print and digital communications for businesses everywhere

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Chronic Care Management services are a growing trend in healthcare. This video provides a high-level overview of the services, how it benefits patients and things to remember when billing.


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Music: https://www.bensound.com
Photos and Graphics: https://pixabay.com/

About Doxim: Interview with CEO Chris Rasmussen

Watch the video to hear Doxim’s CEO tell our story in 90 seconds. To learn more, visit www.doxim.com

Doxim Customer Communications Management Solutions (Doxim CCM)

See why thousands of customers choose Doxim as their trusted partner for all their Customer Communications Management needs. Doxim has an integrated approach to CCM that covers it all, from composition and secured storage to omnichannel delivery of all your statements and business-critical documents. Watch the video to learn more or visit www.doxim.com.

Doxim provides modern, flexible solutions for CCM

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