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Receipt data fintech Banyan raises $43mn in Series A funding

Receipt data fintech Banyan raises $43mn in Series A funding

Banyan, a US fintech that uses purchase data to improve insights and drive customer engagement for merchants, has closed a US$43mn Series A round

31.3 MIGO Create Goods Receipt

PRACTICE THIS BATTLE DRILL: https://ssilrc.army.mil/resources/FMS/GFEBS/BattleDrill/#/BD31/3.html

The MIGO transaction is used to create a Goods Receipt for a Purchase Order. When materials are ordered from a vendor, the goods should be received into GFEBS as they arrive at the requiring activity. The Goods Receipt is the record of receipt for the purchased goods. A MIGO is designed to find and reference the original Purchase Order. When the amount of goods received equals that of the original order, the Purchase Order may be allowed to go into archive status when an appropriate amount of time has passed.

How he doubled from $500k to $1m last 12 months selling data as a service

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Massive DH CEO Gianluca Ruggiero: The first AI-Powered Product Performance Benchmarking Platform to improve Innovation Success Rate… Visit them: www.massivedh.com

See more of Gianluca’s data: https://getlatka.com/companies/massive-dh

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If you guys are short on time, use these links to quickly browse Gianluca’s highlights with me:
0:00 Introduction
2:48 Monthly recurring revenue
6:06 Bootstrapped

The FinCEN File leaks – what does it mean for banks? | Homescreen | Episode 75

In episode 75 of ��������������������, 11:FS Pulse’s James Safford and Joe Colchester chat about the recent FinCEN Files leak, and what ���������������� can do to prevent money laundering ⬇️

�� ������������ – How they are solving issues around AML
�� �������������� – Providing information on shareholders by aggregating information from company registers
�� ��������’s SuperGreen account – How the company is working to make the world a better place

0:00 – Intro
10:00 – How the user experiences AML
17:02 – Regtechs looking to change the game
21:44 – General ethics

Take a real look at banking and #fintech #UX and #Product Management in our weekly episodes from ����:���� ����������.

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Tickr & Chip: Gamification in financial products | Homescreen Ep. 89

In episode 89 of Homescreen, 11:FS Pulse’s Joe Colchester is joined by Ali MacManus, 11:FS Senior Designer to talk about Gamification in financial products and how it can be used to improve the experience for users.

We take a look at the use of gamification in:
�� Tickr, Green investment
�� Chip, Save streak

And lots more!

00:00 – Introduction
01:08 – What is gamification?
05:45 – Gamification in investments
10:22 – Gamification in savings

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