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Standard Chartered Joins Saphyre’s AI Platform Endeavor

Standard Chartered Joins Saphyre’s AI Platform Endeavor

Saphyre’s AI technology for pre-trade and post-trade issues is being leveraged by Standard Chartered Capital Markets division

Chartis event: BuySide 50 (June 28-29 2023)

Get ready for Chartis Buyside50 2023! This event is more than a conference; it’s a hub of innovation and thought-leadership within the buy-side industry. https://events.chartis-research.com/bs50

Join us on June 28th and 29th as we honour the top 50 vendors in risk technology and delve into key industry trends. Expect in-depth discussions on topics ranging from AI use in risk management to credit and operational risk strategies.

Connect, learn, and gain a competitive edge.
Register now! https://events.chartis-research.com/bs50

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Steps for Acquiring and Implementing AI: Challenges and Successes

We are quickly approaching the two year anniversary of the National AI Initiative Act becoming a law, which created a task force committee to assist the state of AI in the Federal government. The use of AI in the government helps accelerate a lot of processes but it requires extensive work, research, and resources in its implementation. In addition, it requires a uniformed language and understanding of what AI can do for your organization.

Issues with procurement and acquiring AI can postpone the implementation stages. But, it is crucial that agencies are able to recognize what they need out of artificial intelligence and how best to utilize its abilities. Choosing the best AI strategy & approach can be a long challenge as technical capabilities, governance, and administration, as well as requirements for security, privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties are all important steps in initiating AI.

Listen in as experts discuss where they are in the procurement and implementation stages as well as where they see their agencies growing into. They will also discuss different issues and potential solutions that they’ve troubleshooted while working with AI.

What Does It Mean to “Share Research”?

Gregg Gordon discusses SSRN’s Research Paper Series (RPS)

SSRN | Tomorrow’s Research Today

ETF 2023 Webinar: Trainees and Research

During 2023 the European Trainee Forum conducts 3 free webinar exploring a different topics with basic or semi-advanced content in order to make medical students and IRs at the beginning of their careers more familiar with different fields of IR and explain the treatments interventional radiologists can perform.

Watch the full recording for free in the CIRSE library: https://library.cirse.org/packages/next-generation