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AI Fintech Saphyre has increased its approved patents to 105

AI Fintech Saphyre has increased its approved patents to 105

Saphyre leverages patented AI technology to structure all pre-trade data, and has increased its total tally of recognised patents from 67 to 105.

The best AI tools in 2023. They are amazing!!

The best AI tools in 2023. They are amazing!! ����

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AI for Business: Use Cases and Trends

Wondering what marketing tasks AI can help you with? Looking for help developing AI prompts that deliver the results you need? Discover how to use AI for marketers.

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:59 Using AI For Small Business
13:20 6 Use Cases For AI In Business
21:09 Using AI For Summarization
23:50 Using AI For Rewriting
25:34 Using AI To Answer Questions
29:43 ChatGPT’s Web Browser Extension
31:53 Other Marketing Uses For AI
33:35 ChatGPT’s Memory Thread
35:04 AI Prompt Tips For Better Output
43:00 Open Source AI Models And Autonomous Agents

Make your ai essays stealth and beat gptzero easily

Are you tired of writing essays and constantly worrying about getting caught by AI content detectors? Look no further, because I have a solution for you. The biggest problem with ChatGPT to write your essays or blogs is getting caught by AI detectors, but I gotchu. The easiest way to avoid getting caught is a lot simpler than you think. Instead of spending hours on end writing and using paraphrasing tools to process your text, just go to OpenAI’s playground.

OpenAI’s playground is an online writing tool that can help you write essays with ease. Simply turn up the temperature and penalty settings to the suggested values and let the software do the work for you. This way, you can avoid the hassle of getting caught by AI detectors and get your work done in no time.

The best part about OpenAI’s playground is that it gives you $18 of credits for free, which is good for about 675K words. This means that you can use this incredible writing assistance tool to write as many essays as you need, without worrying about plagiarism or getting caught by AI detectors.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to write your essays, look no further than OpenAI’s playground. Try it out today and experience the convenience and ease of automated writing.

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4 AI Tools Your Business Is probably Missing

In this video, I’m introducing you to four groundbreaking AI tools that have revolutionized my business productivity and profitability.

I’ll walk you through Mixo, a tool that generates a complete landing page for your ideas, Otter AI, an automatic transcription tool that captures and organizes your conversations, Notion AI, a writing assistant that sparks creativity and increases writing efficiency, and Chat GPT, a versatile AI used to create high-quality content.

I’ll provide use cases, practical tips, and even reveal a unique way of utilizing Chat GPT to maximize your output.

Dive in to learn how to harness the power of these tools to accelerate your business growth.

// AI Links:
Mixo (Affiliate) – https://mixo.io/?via=sefy
Otter AI – https://otter.ai/
Notion AI – https://www.notion.so/
ChatGPT – https://chat.openai.com/

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// Build a Business ONLY with AI (MasterClass):
1 – Build Business with AI – https://youtu.be/JzipAx-8zgY
2 – From Idea to Business Plan – https://youtu.be/88BRQfsy5kk

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