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Why metal cards are set to revolutionise payments

Why metal cards are set to revolutionise payments

Metal payment cards have become the hottest ticket in town, aiming to reach high-value and trend-driven consumers

Want a Metal Card? Credit and Debit Options to Check Out

Are you wanting a metal credit or debit card and wondering how different options compare? Let’s take a closer look at a few cards I have on hand and how you can get them for yourself.

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In recent years, metal cards have been all the rage – almost to the point of parody in some circles. Nevertheless, these options remain popular as more consumers seek an upgrade from plasticl. So what are some available metal credit can debit cards and how can you get one for yourself? Let’s take a look at a few picks including some free ones.

First, we’ll start a popular but expensive card: the American Express Platinum

Among the most well known metal cards is the Amex Platinum, which defines “premium” with its $695 annual fee and numerous benefits. While I could detail all of the reasons this card may be worth that high fee, let’s talk about the card itself. First, it now comes in three different design options. On my scale, the card comes in at 17g, with anecdotes suggesting that the card was slightly heavier before it was updated to a plastic backing to accommodate tap technology.

Of course, if the $695 annual fee is still too high for you, there’s also the Amex Gold card, which has the same metal design – but I was surprised to discover is actually a bit lighter at 14g. Currently, that card is available in the regular Gold and the Rose Gold color as seen here. Whether you ultimately go with the Platinum, the Gold, or both, these are metal cards that not only look cool but can also be quite powerful when put to their best use.

Next, if you’re not team Amex, then perhaps you’re Team Chase – including the Chase Sapphire Preferred

While the Platinum may be most associated with metal these days, Chase actually beat them to the punch with the release of the Sapphire Reserve. Incidentally, although that card carries a $550 annual fee, the $95 annual fee Sapphire Preferred is apparently made of the same material. Personally, I find this card to be a bit more flexible that the likes of the Platinum or Gold to the point where I wasn’t exactly sure it was metal. But, weighing in at 12 grams on my scale, it’s definitely heavier than plastic. Once again, the Preferred also has plenty of benefits that help make up for its annual fee, making it a potential contender to join your wallet.

Another well-known metal credit card is the Apple Card – although the physical card actually isnt’ the use of this option

When Apple announced that it was releasing its own credit card, one of the highlights was the novel sleek-all white card it came with, famously bearing no card number. Made from titanium, the Apple Card does have a unique feel that sets it apart from the others we’ve discussed so far. Overall, I’d say it feels more solid than the aforementioned options and comes in at a surprising 14 grams despite feeling lighter. Of course, the irony here is that Apple Card’s best rewards come not from using the physical card but from using the card in Apple Pay, rending this pretty looking card all but useless to me personally.

Turning to debit cards, the first one on my list is the Cash App Cash Card

I’ve talked about the Cash Card plenty of times before, including it’s awesome Boosts feature. However, when I was recently revisiting the card to write an update, I noticed that they now have metal cards available for a fee. At this time, users can choose between a Black or Chameleon Metal card for a one-time fee of $50. Like with other Cash Card, you can customize your card with a signature, text, emojis, and more. My card arrived in this nice little package, and is fairly hefty, coming it at 22 grams. So while it’s hard to recommend you spend $50 just to get a card, I will say that it does look pretty cool.

Incidentally, two banking platforms I’ve tried have levels of service called Metal that come with metal cards: Revolut and OnJuno

Revolut is a digital banking platform that most notably allows users to exchange and hold various worldwide currencies. With such a feature emphasizing travel, it should come as no surprise that their Metal plan includes addition travel benefits such as some lounge access, travel insurance, and more. As you might expect given the name, it also comes with a Metal debit card, with users being able to choose between black, gold, space grey, rose gold, or lavender. I actually think that the Rose Gold looks even better than my Amex one and weighs abut more at 17g. However, Revolut Metal comes at a cost of $16.99 a month or $149.99 for a year if you pay upfront.

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Why You Should Buy Everything With Credit Cards

Having multiple credit cards and playing the rewards game can save you hundreds of dollars each year. It can land you some substantial sign-up bonuses like the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card’s 75,000 miles or Chase Ink Business Unlimited’s $900 cash back. Americans own four cards on average but not being able to pay off the balance in full every month can be damaging to your credit score and wallet. American credit card balances reached $986 billion in the last quarter of 2022, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Those contributing to that debt should not be using credit cards because the interest rates they’re paying outweigh the card rewards. However those who use credit cards responsibly and don’t have balances, typically save $300 to $400 each year. How much money you save using credit cards depends on your lifestyle and how you play the game.

0:00 — Introduction
0:55 — How credit cards work
04:01 — Rewards
07:51 — Using responsibly

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Why You Should Buy Everything With Credit Cards

*listen* metal credit cards are better

Plastic Citi Double Cash Card vs Metal Premium Credit Cards. Dropping credit cards sounds when you go and pay for the check. To impressive people at the table and the surrounding area. Every guy with a metal credit card dropping.

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The New Credit Card Scam You Need to Know About

As long as you know about this one, you’ll be safe!

In this video, we discuss a new scam involving the “tap to pay” feature on credit cards and ATMs, and how to avoid falling victim to it. The scam involves scammers blocking the card slot of an ATM and then encouraging users to use the tap to pay feature. They exploit users who forget to complete their transactions, leaving the session open for the scammer to withdraw more money. To avoid this, always make sure your transaction is complete and the ATM returns to its original menu.

Despite the scam, tap to pay is more secure than other methods because it gives no opportunity for scammers to skim your credit card’s magnetic strip. It also generates a one-time code for each transaction, just like the chip feature.

▼ Time Stamps: ▼
0:00 – Intro
0:29 – How the Scam Works
2:01 – Should You Use Tap To Pay?
4:21 – Bonus Tip

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