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Stephen & Gabino Roche

Stephen & Gabino Roche

Stephen and Gabino Roche discuss overcoming risk-aversion in finance and how Saphyre is disrupting an inefficient system…

Bachelor of Science in Water Sciences – Joseph Gentile

From Fleming College to Trent University and beyond… Hear from Joseph how Trent has prepared him for the next steps on his journey to becoming an environmental scientist.

Sinchon Severence Hospital adopts innovative workflow solution for new cancer center

In pathology departments, where hundreds and sometimes thousands of tissue samples are handled daily, the workflow is truly diverse and complex. Laboratory personnel are faced with the difficult challenge of staying extremely focused throughout the day in a highly complex work environment. With the opening of a new cancer center, the need for systematic and stable management of a large number of samples emerged. For this reason, Severance Hospital decided to introduce the VANTAGE workflow solution by Roche Diagnostics. Since the introduction of the VANTAGE workflow solution, the processes in the lab have become faster and more accurate.

Stephen Roche & Gabino Roche Jr – Fintech Live London 2022

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Saphyre: Series A & Strategic Partners

Know when and if to get into a Series A, and the things to consider when working with strategic partners.

Headline speakers: Gabino Roche Jr, CEO & Founder, Saphyre & Stephen Roche, President & CO-Founder, Saphyre

Register your interest for FINTECH LIVE LONDON 2023 here: https://bit.ly/3NPwryA