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Akamai prioritises the future demands of cyber customers

Akamai prioritises the future demands of cyber customers

Steve Winterfeld of Akamai discusses the company’s university-based founding and how it merged into a leading multibillion-dollar cybersecurity firm

A tech boost for those ready to change the world

Journey with the finalists of the Future of Life Online Challenge and watch them compete for $1M in solutions to scale their impact. http://ow.ly/aqsZ50Jw96X #LifeWithAkamai

Learn how Akamai’s SOCC helps protect our customers from the largest attacks

Akamai’s SOCC has helped mitigate some of the largest attacks worldwide for over a decade. Hear from our security experts about how we’re able to protect our customers from an ever-evolving threat landscape.

The Culture of Akamai

Prasad Mandava shares more about Akamai’s many programs and initiatives such as Wizards, Intrapreneurship, and Flexbase. Watch now to learn more!

Akamai CEO explains the increase in cyber threats during the pandemic

“There’s been an enormous increase in attack traffic,” Akamai CEO Tom Leighton told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Wednesday. “The treat actors are trying to take advantage of the pandemic and, of course, the prize is greater now that so much business has moved online.”