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Optimising mobile testing security with no quality sacrifice

Optimising mobile testing security with no quality sacrifice

Frank Moyer of Kobiton talks about the value of air-gapped mobile testing for banking applications – a great way to enhance security in a vulnerable sector

Mobile security: how to implement and test it

In this video, we will learn what mobile security is:
00:00 Why mobile application security is important
00:58 What is mobile app security?
01:12 Mobile app vulnerabilities and weaknesses
01:57 Ways to protect mobile apps
02:29 How to test mobile app security?
03:10 Guide on how to test mobile app security for free
04:15 Mobile app security test results

Free test to check your mobile security: https://bit.ly/3kuBN5k

Or try ImmuniWeb MobileSuite to protect your iOS or Android mobile applications: https://bit.ly/3kxIhAE

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Mobile App Security & Penetration Testing Gets Easier ��

In this video you will learn how to test your Mobile application for security issues & how can you secure your Mobile application against hackers.

�� According to a survey, over 98% of mobile apps are not secure! This is due to one major fallacy in their app development practice which pushes security testing to the end of the development cycle.

�� Here you will learn about – some astonishing mobile app hacking stats, the common security risks to mobile apps, basics of mobile app security testing, and steps to carry out an end-to-end mobile app security testing. With a mention of automated tools.

⏲️ Video timeline

0:00 Intro to conduct Mobile app security audit
0:27 Mobile App Security Statistics
0:51 Major Security issues in Mobile apps
1:21 Phases in Mobile App Security Testing
2:56 Critical Security Threats
3:44 Astra’s Mobile App Security Audit & Pentesting

�� Useful links

Guide to Mobile App Security Audit – https://www.getastra.com/blog/app-security/mobile-application-security-testing/

Astra’s Mobile Application Security Audit & Pentesting – https://www.getastra.com/mobile-app-vapt

esChecker, the Mobile App Security Testing tool by eShard

esChecker is the only Mobile App Security Testing tool able to efficiently test the Mobile App self-protections.

Want to give it a try? https://eshard.com/eschecker

Mobile AppSec 101

A storm of mobile app security and privacy issues continues to intensify, while the skills gap worsens. Security professionals have discovered that web app security practices don’t cut it for mobile. Because the tools and methodologies differ, it’s time for practitioners to learn some new skills leveraging the OWASP Mobile Project resources and patterns found testing thousands of mobile apps. In this talk, you’ll learn how to crawl, walk, then run in mobile app security testing, with an end goal of having all the tools and knowledge necessary to become a mobile appsec expert. Ultimately, all mobile appsec experts have to start somewhere. If you start off on the right foot, there’s no telling what vulnerabilities you may uncover and how your career can grow.

As mobile security analyst at NowSecure, Tony Ramirez leads trainings with customers and performs mobile app penetration testing of iOS and Android apps as part of the NowSecure Services team. Tony holds a master’s degree in cyber forensics and security from Illinois Institute of Technology. Tony regularly attends the Chicago OWASP chapter meetups and speaks at OWASP and other security events across the country. While terrible at writing bios for himself, Tony is an avid food experimenter and office prankster.